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Switching to Twitter

Announcements for new video releases will be made via Twitter

I still love hypnotizing guys and playing with them while they are in a deep trance. It's always fun to watch subjects become mindless, obedient, and slip into my control as I transform them into anything I want. After many years of running the HypnoSubmission.com site, it's time for an upgrade. My fan base is growing too large to continue sending individual emails each time I release a new video. So with the new web site I will make announcements via Twitter. I plan on only sending a few Tweets each year, so I hope you will follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Hypnofun

MP4 format

Videos now available in MP4 format

All our full-length videos are now available in MP4 format directly from this site! You can still purchase shorter clips from Clips4Sale.com, but if you want the Entire Session clip, you can now purchase it directly from HypnoSubmission.com. Clips4Sale distributes the videos as downloadable MP4 files while HypnoSubmission.com sells the same clips in MP4 format on a thumb drive which is mailed to you.


More about this web site

Hypnosis is powerful way to become immersed in headspace, release your inhibitions, and experience transformations.

Sometimes the subject becomes more submissive, with a strong desire to submit to Master. Other times he finds himself transformed into another person or an animal. He might see hallucinations, find his body is completely immobilized, or being controlled to do something humiliating. ABDL guys enjoy being regressed to a baby wearing a diaper. Others enjoy being programmed, then experiencing their bodies responding to my post hypnotic triggers.

Our hypnosis videos are a great way explore your fantasies. Each DVD contains different volunteers and different scenes, such as tickling, transformations, stripping, puppy play, humiliation, loss of control, being babyfied, and frozen. The videos are humorous, unique, and unusual, intriguing, and authentic (real hypnosis, no actors, and no laugh tracks).